Dancing Paragraphs


I tell u, the best books to read don’t have fancy names; they aren’t found in expensive bookshops or Smithsonian libraries. The best books are actually free, readily available whereva u go. They come in all shapes, colors n sizes. Most of them don’t even need u to open n read to get their hidden content; all u gotta do is sit back n simply observe. These books are so similar yet so unique like the stripes on a savanna zebra. These books are indeed divine: the way they walk, how they smile, the shape of their frowns, the twinkle in their eyes, laughter of their happiness, the serenity of their sadness, the warmth of their touch, the comfort of their gentle hugs, the assurance of their words. The value of these books cannot be measured in dollars or gold, for they are sculpted with moist mad & coated with angelic dust. They are a true literal work of art infused with kindness & engraved with Ubuntu love, although their royalty is sometimes overshadowed by the hardships and pangs of these hectic world. Nevertheless, they are worth every word within their cover, every sentence within their paragraph, every prose within their chapter. U should take time to read these books whenever u get a chance. Maybe like me you will find one whose words will change the direction of your heart.


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Joint appeal of France and Ethiopia, representing Africa, for an ambitious Copenhagen Accord

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Joint appeal of France and Ethiopia, representing Africa, for an ambitious Copenhagen Accord



COPENHAGEN, Denmark, December 15, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — France and Ethiopia, representing Africa, launch today an appeal to all Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change to adopt an ambitious agreement on 18 December limiting the increase of temperatures to 2°C above preindustrial levels, as recommanded by the IPCC, and ensuring that vulnerable countries will receive adequate financing to face the challenge.

This agreement will be applicable immediately. It will be translated into a legal international instrument as early as possible in 2010. The Copenhagen accord must seek efficiency, as well as fairness and equity.

Therefore, France and Ethiopia, representing Africa, call for:

- the halving of global CO2 emissions by 2050 compared to 1990 levels. This implies, according to the principle of common but differenciated responsibilities…

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*..bLack sTride..*


Black man
divert ur heart
2 tha place where
u r more than just


shun tha despise
of different races &
be kind
detach 4rm reverse
4rm any kind
hate crime

put ur mind
detox ur conscience
of poisons
& psyches
of the

breath back life
into ur slackened

self define
reclaim back


*wen di dark nite slide pon di day lite, dem b(L)ack starz shine brite lyk Lion priDe*


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Chiing Chiing

u ax mi where ma accent is, coz evryone who’s visited that glamorous city seems to hav one fizzin on their lips.

mi thinks mi misplaced mine on tha return trip. mi thot of buyin one at tha airport, especially that of tha briish, but none was duty free.

so that is y wen we conversed all u cud here wuz mother-tongue tangle english plus a lot of swahili n a spint of kisii.

but i promise next time tha big bird takes mi 2 bak to that glorious city, ima use all ma shillings 2 buy plenty duty free accents 4 u n 4 mi

so wi can happily dialogue thru our nostrils without tha interference of outdated dialets lyk kinyore n kisii.

lets toast 2 that.

ching ching!!

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Heart offa Rebel


shi cute. shi fine. ha smile mesmerize ma mind.

shi move lyk meltin ice. shi groove lyk banana leaf kite.

ha laugh swittah than amarula wine.

dimples inscribed pon ha cheeks. eyes sparkle mo than tanzanite earings.

ha scent sends i spirit sprintin to tha heavens. unique essence.

i perfect present.


shim ting done steal tha heart offa rebel.


elaborate lyk kente.

touch mek di blood run faster than ripple on tha djembe.


drum gal chant dust pon di hands of ha man.

luv done calm tha heart offa Rebel.



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Timeless wit in our midst

no universe can contain her spirit

Still She Rize

Unmatched zeal

sharpest thoughts curved in mahogany ink

Still She Rize

Warmest soul one can ever meet

more calming than sunflower seed

Still She Rize

More majestic that the Adriatic sea

lovely being

even bees proclaims she’s sweeter than honey

Still She Rize

I can hear the caged bird sing

I can feel the fire in her cool spirit

free at last to eternally sing

even after the congregation says rest in peace

Still She’ll Sing.



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Submerged in Cattle Dung


learning to unlearn,.,…

overcome cognitive dissonance….

redefinin this young man…..

aint no simple task…

moist mango seed submerged in cattle dung….

heat depleting the protective skin till tha seed is free to emerge….

rizin up

swayin side 2 side as if to dance with tha wind

n kiss tha sun…..

learnin 2 unlearn

n relearn….

i am tha moist mango seed

submerged in cattle dung.


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