…Some rhymEs 4 tha Soul….

03 Apr

**.Soul for Gold.**

…ain’t no way ima sell ma soul not even for a pot a’ gold /coz ain’t nothin worse in this world than to hav a soul yet not b in control /can’t even go wea u wanna go coz all u do is wat u r told /puppet pawn on a chessboard moved right-left-centre as if u got no mind of ur own /better to be poor n free than place ma soul as collateral for earthly things…./Man’s heart ticks naturally until u attempt 2 take away his liberty /for that is tha thing that shelters his human dignity /so sit bak n take a wholesale audit of ur life n realize /the folly of hawkin ur destiny for mere tangible loyalties… /You r created to navigate ur own soul follow ur dreams n goals /rule ur own mind lyk a king on his throne /so dare not sell urself into a cell Be a slave only to ur own self!!


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