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14 Apr


(a note on black scholarship)

When it comes to the academic field, the black man has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he has mastered the ways of the western man. He has the grand task of elevating himself to the level of the very man who sets the standards. I say this task is grand because there is no space for integration; any ebony soul which wishes to receive any speck of recognition has no choice but to assimilate itself to those revered western standards. The black man cannot even write about himself without consent from the Victorian scholar. His presentation needs to be perfectly perfect, which means, if I could borrow a word or two from Fanon, giving it a ‘white soul’. For instance, if an Afrikan dares to suggest that the pharaohs of Egypt were black, he is asking for nothing more than scholastic excommunication. It is funny how these alien anthropologists furiously stump their feet, raise unnecessary dust, and viciously bark at the Afrikan who affirms that he (the Afrikan) is more than capable and fully equipped to write about his own self. Western education places the Afrikan (black) mind in a very interesting pedestal. It teaches him a very manipulated and decapitated version of himself, a truly diluted & misconstrued self identity. The end result is an Afrikan who is fully furnished with a fabricated pride; the so called ‘New Afrikan’ who is blind to the fact that he/she is nothing short of a western manufactured product. This product is approximately a step higher that what Fanon calls the colonized intellectual. It is this very intellectual who becomes the torch bearer whose major assignment is to explain and interpret the culture of the ‘’3rd World Man’ to the ‘1st World Man’.

As a result, one of the blunders that the Afrikan intellectual unconsciously makes is trying to define himself through the English or French language; that is, through the tools of the very culture that has, for centuries past, discounted him as a legitimate human being. He (the Afrikan) effortlessly and tirelessly aims to collapse his entire culture (imagine that, his whole culture) into a twenty six lettered Latin rooted alphabet which neither resembles him in culture nor complexity. As peoples of Afrikan descend, we need to gather together and develop a heightened form of confidence in ourselves, to a point whereby we won’t fall victim to the trap of attempting to prove ourselves worthy in the eyes of the western man. If the foundation of our self esteem is based on our own opinion and self affirmation, then we can be assured that our pride is secured in a safe haven. We should not aspire to be carbon copies of other cultures. A carbon copy only looks good to the eye until you see the original masterpiece. We should not waste our precious time trying to be something we are not and ought not to be. Just like any other people in this diverse world, we should aspire to be ourselves in the totality of our magnificence. Once a people learn how to define themselves, once they set themselves as their own standard, once they vehemently reject sitting back stage as their roles are mis-portrayed, then and only then can a cultural revolution take root. If the truth is to be told, without any lip service or fancy words, I am fully convinced that the man of Afrikan descend is in dire need of a cultural revolution, and the ground for this revolution has never been more fertile than this very day we gracefully call today.

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