Dance without apologies

12 Jul

We are a people full of rhythm; saturated with style; overflowin’ with coolness…

rhythms set ablaze by tha heart beat….our natural drum beat…

You can see it in everythin’ we do….how we walk, how we talk, the unique nature of our walk..

ain’t no surprise to trace it in our dance, dress style, afros n dreadlocks…

We need not be afraid to let these rhythms show….give no mind 2 wat people say…

haterz will alwayz hate; you just do your ebony sway & watch them slowly fade away…Anywayz, since when did we start askin’ others for affirmation to be who we are & created to be…?

I ain’t neva seen in my entire life a lion askin’ a gazelle for permission 2 roar….never ever!!!

So bratha man, sista gal, do your thing….wear ur weave, plaits, tims, baggy jeans, blings, ‘frikan things, n Dashiki tees….

Ima continue to do ma swagga n sway n me hopes you’ll proudly do tha same….

help color this world with ebony style

Don’ feel ‘fraid to do dat ebony sway…coz dat is wat mek you original an master piece n not fake carbon copy…

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Posted by on July 12, 2012 in Culture, Music & Art


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