Behind the Black Mask

06 Sep

Behind the Black Mask

Personally, I am highly cautious of any black man sent to the black land to lobby for agendas proposed by the western world. Let me explain.

When the man behind the mask and the mask are one and the same, you are never confused about the true identity of your enemy or opponent. However, when they front a dark mask, they really confuse the black soul, especially the one that resides in the confines of the mathaland.  The man in the Afrikan continent suffers from a seemingly strange mental illness known as political illusionesis. The condition is a sort of historical amnesia that has him believing that if he elects a leader who looks a little bit like himself, speaks a lingua similar to his own, and possesses a name similar to that of his great grandfather’s half-brother, then that leader will fulfill his every need. Such is the intense nature of this disease that it produces sycophants that voluntarily roll around in dust, throw stones, torch buildings, and ant-march like delirious soldiers singing the glorious praises of their political emperor.  Even after decades and decades of betrayal by those for who they so dedicatedly chose and shed sweat and tears, they Afrikan repeatedly goes to the ballot with the same manipulated mentality as if a robot or an ingrained circus marionette.

Moving on to the present, the Afrikan is projecting that ‘political illusionesis’ to the international scene. The so called ‘New World’ has studied they psyche of the Afrikan and now know how best to hoodwink him without much effort or investment. The Afrikan has been awed by the fact that the man sitting on the highest worldly throne looks something like him. The Afrikan has subconsciously dropped his every guard on the basis that he is sure he cannot be jived by a figure that has the same blood running through his veins. How can he doubt the dashiki king whose main root springs from the very soil that the Afrikan grows his food? Well, welcome to new age politricks; bring the pawn a familiar face and he will voluntarily down his shield and open his resource-full gates with ease. It is a lesson that we know too well; mastered by the British colonial Empire. It goes something like this: first bring the Good News wrapped in testament truths, pacify the masses to the point of minimal resistance. Next, release the uniformed goons and finally commence to reap all the rich tea-coffee-gold-platinum and diamond profits. Presently there is no longer need for the two millennia old book; the emperor with the mahogany hue will do.

Since the above is an opinion, let me overwrite it with my own bias one. I am proud of the olive king; he represents the greatest greatness of the ebony soul. The achievement of this ebony king cannot fit in any volume or encyclopedia. He is an icon of hope and joy and pride of a people who have been for so long kept under the heel of despotic systems. I pray that the Most High protect the Nyasa king abundantly. On the other hand, may Jah Protect His people from The Man behind the dark king.


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