Tales, Truth & Story books

10 Oct

Personaly i gots a problem with school. We go there to supposedly learn this thing called tha truth, but in reality, we be gettin fed with a huge chunk of bull. Peeps b flauntin their high IQ and quotin fabricated facts regagitated from fantasy filled storybooks. Take a closer look,…people b graduating more culturaly dilute n spiritually confused than bugs emergin from cobweb cocoons. We b worshipin deities who luk nothin lyk we do, sistaz b bleachin themselves with all kinds of liquids, tryna escape from their god-inspired hue. Others b so rhythmicaly delusional they r convinced tha devil lives within rap n reggae tunes. And the copies, oh people hav perfected tha art of aping, fakin n celeb overatin ; cant tell tha difference between real life n showbiz, coz they b addicted 2 academic pills that make them bliv that everythin they read in holy testaments or see on tha flat screen tv is tha absolute real thing……although it could be, coz if enough people bliv in a lie then it dont matter wat tha truth is. That truth is that truth depends on you!!

Personally, love is tha only truth worth searching for, finding and receiving. All else is makebelieve.


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