07 Dec

Tis really sad
wat we doin’ to our native land
chopin’ them trees
replacin’ them with concrete

Tis a disgrace
wat we’ve done to this
sacred place
fertile soil chokin’ under
tar streets
trees massacred ba sawmills
scorchin’ sun….brute heat
no shade to shelter o’ sit
rich land with nothin’
to eat
tha result of blind political
money hungry freaks
morally depraved human
leavin’ behind tragic gifts…

Can’t you see
we’ve messed up everythin’ green
water ain’t no longer clean
tha children can’t even breath
ain’t no more sanctity o peace
How tha hell are we supposed
to live??!!
Wat legacy are we leavin’
our kids??!!

Ain’t no trees o’ fruit seeds
Ain’t no flowers o’ honey bees
Ain’t no lions ain’t no horn bills
Ain’t no longer a tropical paradise
Just hard cold soulless lifeless
shapeless rigid concrete bricks &
steel buildings

Truly sad
truly sad indeed


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Posted by on December 7, 2012 in Poetry & Spoken WOrd, random thoughts


One response to “Choked

  1. butimbeautiful

    December 10, 2012 at 10:48 pm

    It is sad, isn’t it. If we don’t stop soon we’ll be living on top of a giant rubbish heap.


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