Bratha Man

26 Jan


Afrikan man
original sun child
divinely adorned in
sandles n beaded cloth n
quivers n congas in hand
able to read tha
seasons n even tha
shinnin’ lunar stars
co-existin comfortably
within natures wild
imagine that…

a thing of tha
lost soul confused
by iron birds n religious scripts n
angelic butterflies
from those strange
distant snowflaked

cultured sons
livin’ in
under new masks
dressed in alien clad
unable to utter
their mother tongues
or decipher
simple tasks
indigeneous words
riddles n parables
no longer findin’ worth
within their ‘sanctified’ hearts…
native sons
lost in distant lands
never to again return
to their enchanted clans.



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One response to “Bratha Man

  1. brian miller

    January 30, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    cultured sons
    livin’ in
    camouflage….nice capture that….i feel the lament in this…for progress made at what cost…and the things we lose the further we get from our cutlure…


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