09 Mar

blood of a slave, heart of a king


A young boy was asked what left him inspired,

With resistance he spoke like an infant as his eyes burned with fire,

“My desire was instant, once I learned how my people’s history transpired,

I was taught of a struggle manipulated by victorious liars,

Who claimed that their desires were to raise their victims higher”

The boy looked tired, but his words were like songs sung by a choir,

“I studied the path before me and couldn’t recognize the tracks left by the tires,

I was taught a disconnected history that left out all the wires”

He spoke with the pain of an elder, yet his heart pumped the blood of a youngster

“My ancestors built a life that was trashed and left to rot in a dumpster,

They were fed with lies until they forgot the joy of hunger,

Once proud hunters, they became slaves accepting the hell they…

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