Pawns of Politricks

20 Mar


.tired of seeing these goons on we tv screens
claimin’ 2b tha national cohesive glue that brings unity
ba we know dem tribal kings driven by insatiable power greed
dem seh dem a preach peace ba can’t cheat we
dem a bloody wolf under sheep skin
best bliv these politrikal pimps ain’t huslin’ to improve tha conditions we livin’ in
dem been sleepin’ n swingin’ pon dem politrikal seats since we got free 4rm tha Brits in 63′
wat change have we seen this creed bring??!!
Now we are 5 decades down our history…year of Jubilee
yet all we got is dem pimps kids playin tha same dirty triks on tha poor mwananchi
tha mwenyenchi ain’t got cash no enough to buy a plate of ugali or bowl of maji
n ur ready to bleed in tha street 4 a fella who doesnt care where u live or wat ur name is…
Ain’t nothin changed coz tha game is still tha same, corruption still reigns, n our MINDS are STILL in ethnic CHAINS!!!
Tis about time we read thru tha bullsh*t of these lip-syncin lunatics.
We REFUSE to bleed so that they can lead.


**ugali is a staple food in kenya
**maji means water
**mwananchi/mwenyenchi means citizen


This poem is a flow of ma thots n ideas on the just concluded presidential election in our beautiful land of kenya.


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