Curse of the Drum

02 May

I remember that night
many many years ago
when grandma told me a story
of a lad who was cursed
ran away faster than a cheetah
at the mere sight or sound of a drum.

At the slightest hum of a drum
his body would begin to shake
eyes start to swirl and rotate
his feet would shuffle and sway
hips ridiculously begin to gyrate…
he would move endlessly without pause or break
his body dripping in sweat like flood & rain
and face resemble someone gone insane…

With a ghostly stare toward that dreaded instrument
resting silently at the corner of her hut
Grandma suddenly broke into a strange chant and hum
“curse of the drum, curse of the drum”
“poor lad had the curse in his blood!”
“curse of the drum, curse on your grandpa”
“the same blood flows through your heart!”

Left in a trance
I saw grandma gracefully glide towards the druma
coldest sensation rushed through my hands
suddenly my body painfully jerked…
out of that hut I ran faster than a savanna cat
trying to escape the strange fate of my grandpa
but too late too late, the harm had already been done
the old lady had awoken the curse in her grandson…

my feet begun to twist in the strangest way
hips moving side to side ridiculously
hands swinging right to left like chops in karate
eyes looking front to back like a chameleon on a branch
body drenched in sweat , wet from feet to head…
went totally blank and can’t remember the rest.

Twenty years have past and
I still break into delirious dance
at the slightest sound or beat of the drum
twenty more years have been spent
teaching my son every move he needs to learn
to overcome the power of the dancing curse…
so when his grandma begins to hum and chant
under the dim lite of her magical hut
this boy won’t try and run
from the blood flowing through his heart
instead when the beat begins to bang
the young lad will boldly stand and begin
to dance in unison with the drum
and a new hum will be sang
“dance of the drum, dance of the drum”
“dance runs in the blood of the young lad”
“dance of the drum, dance of his clan”
“the young lad dances exactly like his dad”


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