Born to Run

03 May

catch wi if u can, don’t 4get where wi from, we move real fast man, middle name record run, swift thru tha track lykka bullet 4rm a gun….check it….some think we mad or dat we on some strength enhansin drug, cah on tha track all them see is wi back….flyin dark dust….haahha…..these athletic undergrads got no chance against wi mamaland sons….dem sweatin n stressin n swallowin them liquids n snacks…we just glidin n smilin cah record breakin is wat wi do 4 fun…catch wi if u can….tis easier 4 a lion to eat grass than them westerners to clean us on tha race track!!…best of luck!! Regards. Sincerely, Highland Sun.???????????????????????????????


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