Dreamin’ Big

07 May

I dare to dream big
I dare to be supreme
this meek heart of mine learns
how to stand firm
even when everything around
spells out only sad facts
this dream ain’t to be differed
but a reality to be confirmed.
Words make a man what he is
what his spirit wills him to achieve
so even though ima mere young lad
I learn how to speak & act like a king
& continue to believe till
ma dream becomes real
whether it lasts a week
month or lifetime
as long as it falls under my history.
Ima continue to believe in the supreme
till the Most High grants ma wish
till ma soul sings of free
till I become tha hero in ma dream.

I dare to dream big
I dare to pray each minute
till every inch of ma knee
starts to feel like concrete.
I refuse to give audience to defeat
I refuse to allow small minds to
hold me back in captivity
so Ima put everything at risk
self discipline and faith
in the Most Divine
till I cross the finish line
till I reach ma golden prize
till ma hands glide over the sky
till tha Most High surprises me
with blessings multiplied.

Ima dream big as long as time exists
as long as I live
as long as ma heartbeat bleeds of zeal.
This is who I am
this is ma big dream
this is ma moment of peace.
time to enter the mental battle field
time to dream big…..victory!!!


Original Art by uThanDiLe(c)2013

Original Art by uThanDiLe(c)2013


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One response to “Dreamin’ Big

  1. ayala

    May 8, 2013 at 1:21 am

    Dare to dream big, I love this !


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