Let me Stand

25 Jun


Tree of God

Tree of God

Here I stand
proud thick big
with twin brothers short n slim
got many strange lookin’ siblins
some with arms gloved with thistles n twigs
others adorned with sharp thorns n broad leaves…

I am tha warm roof over your head
tha strong pillar underneath tha bed on
which you soundly sleep n rest
I am tha hot fire on which you
bake your bread
tha natural haven aboundin with
herbs to sustain your health
I am tha sanctuary of birds
buffaloes n bees
tha visual paradise replacin your
stress with heavenly bliss…

I tightly bind tha brown earth on which you stand
nurturing tha fertile ground in which seed you plant
I shield your crop from tha fury of unforgivin’ floods
availing tha soothing shade durin ruthless heat waves
yet you taunt me daily with those sharp-axe
arrogant threats…

Now Hear I Stand
I gladly grant you free breath
only to receive your thuggish threats
prophesying my imminent end…

So I Stand Here
each day you slay my footstool with
your cold-steel tinted skyscrapers
massacring my kind with your villas n overpriced estates
You’ve reduced my proud family into a numerical percentage
mere ‘electric posts’ ‘polished floors’ ‘furniture logs’
leavin’ me no choice but to invoke a karmic response…

Every time you swing your axe
each time you slice me up into saw dust
each time you uproot one of my daughters or sons
remember each cut you make is a knife your thrust
thru your own rib cage
each root hole you excavate is tha shape
of your own grave
each log-turned-coal is tha smoke chokin’
your own selfish soul
each threat you profess is tha gun you
point at your own head…

So I Stand Here unshaken by your threats
for when you are breathless n gone
I will return to take my rightful throne
your concrete jungle will pave way for natures
true towering buildings
swaying side to side to tha salsa beats of chiruppin birds
buzzin’ bees n whistling winds
stress free feelin’
no more threats from 2-legged arrogant species…

There I Will Stand
truly free to be Me
Gia’s tallest offspring
Proud Persistent TREE!



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2 responses to “Let me Stand

  1. brian miller

    July 3, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    nice piece from the perspective of the tree….to watch all your kin slaughtered off to make way for a big plastic and concrete world…that would be very sad…

  2. Rowan Taw

    July 3, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    I like how the poem turned from the tree’s reminder of all it gives us to it’s somber warning – this really woke me up.


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