Dark Man’s Dilema

24 Jul

He capped a lil’ innocent kid n they let tha villain walk free. Jury n judges concurred tha killer wasn’t guilty…judicial malpractice.
Them cotton wigs seh his thuggish appearance warranted a ‘stand your ground’….prejudistic nonsense.
Tha value allotted to a blak life in tha land of fortune n promise falls below that of a suburb poodle…..constitutional madness.

Wat is tha obsidian soul to do…?

Shud he raise hot hell n rain blows on anythin standin in his way?
He lingers…
No! that wud giv babylon full permit to spray brown brathas with them copper nuggets, spice them with klan brutality n top it off with compulsory complementary holidays to them lucrative private penitentiaries…

Shud he saturate them streets with them ‘we shall overcome chants’?
He lingers…
No! coz wen millions join in them marches, The Man gonna ‘do them leaders in’ lyk they did our most honorable Dr. King. (May His Soul Rest in Paradise Peace).

Shud tha dark bratha arm himself pantha style n defend himsef from klax attacks ‘ba any means necessary’?
He lingers…
No!…that wud be self suicide coz then bandit investigative bureaus n them crooked inteligencia agencies wud program human drones to ‘clean’ obsidian knights lyk they did Huey n hon. El hajj Malik (may their souls Rest in Power )

Some say he shud turn the other cheek like Gandhi to ensure racial harmony.
He lingers….
No! the obsidian soul has turned that cheek for 500yrs n them racialists still be lynchin his lil’ kids as they walk down tha street.

No!! He needs a new strategy.
Tis about time obsidian souls close ranks n bond together as one. Tis time to cease looking outside for confort, acceptance or acknowledgement. Like bratha Malcolm said, tha blak n brown souls shud not strive to enter tha house of tha oppressor but rather build their own houz with their own styles, strategies & standards. Tis time tha obsdian clans tighten their fingers n palms into one strong firm punch.

No more lingering….time to UNITE



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