Mo’ Money

14 Aug

This thing we call cash is one of tha most interesting yet deceptive creation of our time; it gives us that false illusion that it can substitute those qualities that are inherent to a human being such as tranquility, peace, love & fun. With cash, you are convinced you will be able to access more fun; with cash you are sure you can buy a mansion in tha most peaceful place on earth; with cash you bliv beyond conviction that you can magically induce love in another human being.

Tha truth of tha matter is this: when you are conceived, within you is inscribed tha most indescribable qualities of luv, kindness, peace, loyalty n respect …these are things that can neither be bought nor manufactured. So, next time u are in need of some love or peace or fun, just know that as long as u are around another living breathing thing, you have all you need. Tha most precious & most expensive thing you will ever possess is your own self bcoz wat you hav no amount of cash or gold or oil or diamond can equal that value.


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  1. Marcos Nhapulo

    September 27, 2013 at 4:17 pm



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