Won’t change my accent…

14 Aug

you know, I bliv our accents, our Afrikan accents, which are richly influenced by our mother tongues, form a very unique fiber of our identity. Tha rhythm of our speech is as unique as tha complexion of our skin, tha fullness of our lips, tha texture of our kinks n tha muzik which we sing. So, wen we bgin to speak lyk tha amerikans n tha british, it is not much different from bleachin our skin or burnin’ straight our kinks….tis lyk takin a razor n scrapin off ur finger prints. Tha result is that instead of reflectin a Most High inspired masterpiece, we appear poor carbon-copy zombies. We fall dead short of reachin’ tha epitome of our magnificence for we live Not as ourselves but as imitations of others. There is an Afrikan saying that states, ‘No matter how many spots a lion paints on its fur, it will never become a leopard’.

I am convinced that tha best way for us to celebrate ourselvez is TO BE OURSELVES in tha totality of our God-given Nature-driven magnificence. 


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