Tha otha side {majic mind}

12 Sep


tha mind does not behave like a rubber band. Once it is exposed to new/different ideas & experiences, it changes n cannot revert back to its original state. So, when you change, especially that change that is elusive to the eyes (spiritual & psychological change), n those who you are around are still static to the normative believes, your instinct induces a mask…what you call a shadow character. The purpose of the pseudo character is to safeguard you from your environment which would either challenge or shun you spiritual or psychological shift. The end result is what some would call a ‘double life’ or a ‘half life’; wen you are around those who are still ‘static’ in their beliefs, tha shadow character kicks in, n wen you are in an environment which favors your shifted ideologies, your ‘true’ character takes front row. At the beginning, it may appear like pretense n effort is required to ‘hide’ either of your character. However, due to the adaptive nature of the mind, the ability to shift into either roles becomes so automatic that it becomes part of your character; not even a professional detective or psychologist can detect the other side of the coin. #thamagicmind

Its a new day
time 2 go a different way
takin off tha mask n revealin
a different face
no longer tha same
damn tired of tha fake
tha twisted games
cleanin up tha mess made
tha trick cards played
big lies told desecratin this sacred place
corruptin this divine palace…..

hand pon di chest mi pledge
4rm sun up till sunset
no more average grade pon di life test
new quest mi set
2b tha best of tha best.
Jah Bless.



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