Just Us (part_1)

24 Oct

Them want us to give up being us.
They offer big cash & bizaar rewards
in return that we give up being us.
We stare in disgust & distrust at these
goonish gangs that think we can be purchased
like processed peanuts.
They dont realize
aint no cash prize no matter how nice
can make we sell-out our immence
pride boilin’ & bulging inside.
Them tryin to force us to assimilate
our identity totally negate
squeeze into their cocooned concrete cottage.
Ba we aint signin’ no contracts
that gonna con us to give up
that rich heritage passed thru our clan.
We aint gonna bulge no matter
wat them culture thugs try
to push & throw at us.
We aint poker chips that can
be xchanged for petty cash.
No thanx.
No masks.
Understand that
We satisfied
just being us.


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One response to “Just Us (part_1)

  1. brian miller

    February 12, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    i like the strength in this…being unwilling to sell out…no matter the price…
    we need more people like that…and more that understand the satisfaction of just being


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