Prayer for an Empress

24 Oct

Oh Jah Jah
as I empress rises from her rest
just as tha sun wakes from its
nightly nest
make her day more b-utyfull than
the diamons of kinshasa
Saturate her day with more glorious grace
than the great falls of the limpopo
Guide every decision she makes till it gains
more precision tha the elegant eagle’s vision
Oh Jah Jah
bless I empress 24/7
Bless her from sun-up to sunset
put plenty joy pon her heart from
wen she open her eyes till wen she
rest her head pon her bed
saturate her mind wit cool vibes
& her lips with a divine smile
Fill I empress’ heart with tha
deepest of our ancestors wisdom
Protect I empress from negative missions
Intill in her more courage than the
conquering Lioness of Judah
& I & I humbly ask that oh Jah Jah
to keep I empress love burnin hotter
than the volcanoes of Ethiopia
grander than the pyramids of Giza
& persistent like the Solomonic dynasty.
Silah (Amen).


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