Religion: New Age Spiritual Discrimination & Prejudice (doctrine)

05 Nov
Nah, I ain’t into religion coz it convinces its followers that they
are superior to those who don’t bliv like they do. It gives you the
illusion that you are among the chosen few uniquely selected by the Most High to grace the streets of heaven, whereas your unbelievin ‘heathen’ friends are condemned to roast in the firely furnaces of the devils kitchen.
I refuse to bliv that my god is more superior than the god of my brother.
I refuse 2 listen to any fella who trys to claim superiority of a certain group of beings who breath the same air as me.
I refuse to sit bak n listen 2 someone who trys to convince me that I am
superior to wild beasts coz I can reason whereas our 4-legged friends can’t think.
I rebel against the notion that there is something spiritually abnormal with
tha muslim, or christian, or buddhist or athiest or vodoo priest.
I will proclaim that naturalistic belief that we are all the Breath of the
Most High…all created by the potter’s spirit using the same earthly clay.
Man is but a lil’ spec in the huge circle of life; he is neither superior to
the desert meerkat nor more important than a blade of savannah sedge grass.
Wi all equal under the sun; whether you wear a bakka or suit, speak french or zulu, eyes brown or blue, walk on two’s, slither lyk a snake, crawl on fours, or stand still like a tree or rock.
Ain’t nothin under the clouds got any moral or divine authority over anything else on or above our earthly ground; absolutely none!!


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