It’s Never tha Same

15 Jan


Lets talk experience.
I am part of wat I hav been.
every xperience, past n present, has shaped the very way in which I think
& how I perceive things.
I aint one who blivs that tha mind is elastic.
I am convinced that each experience stretches tha mind
& unlike a rubber band, tha mind does not revert bak to its original state.
If someone u know has changed while u hav remained tha same,
it probably means they’ve been thru somethin that u havent.
Once you are exposed to different settings & diverse situations
you change in wayz that are sometimes difficult to explain.
Wat I’m simply trynna say is this: if u aint gotta clue about wat someone has been thru,
dont be to quick to judge them for reasonin’ totally different from you.
Truth be told, two people could be in tha same little town but their minds could be galaxies apart.
Now that is tha nature of that trivial thing called EXPERIENCE.




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