**How To Love Her**

18 Feb


For a woman, LOVE comes naturally due to their emotional nature.
For a man, it takes plenty of work & mad effort to achieve the same.
Why so you may ask; coz of this thing called the EGO. Simply said, A MAN IS HIS EGO.
Take away the ego out of the man and you are left with a boy without confidence or vision.
Love demands that a man lower his shied; let down his ego.
Love, by design, only exists & flourishes where competition is absent, extinguished or extinct.
Remove the ego & you will see love dig its roots so deep that only death can dare dampen its strength.

The Man, convinced that he can balance both worlds (Love & Ego), enters into unions that are marked with constant strife, unhappiness, discomfort &a tragic breaking of hearts. What the Man refuses to understand is that two lions cannot rule the same pride; two bulls cannot share the same kraal; Love & Ego cannot dwell in the same heart!!
One of them has to take the back stand.
EGO is about SELF; LOVE is about SELFLESSNESS. Ego is about YOU; Love is about HER.
So the battle rages on; the one which WINS depends on the one which you constantly FEED.
That is how it is, how it has been & how it will continue to be, so CHOOSE WISELY!!
Starve the ego; FEED THE LOVE.


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Posted by on February 18, 2014 in Poetry & Spoken WOrd, random thoughts


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