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18 Feb

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I thrive in diversity. Nothing excites my mind more than exposure to new ideas and liberal thinkers. I am challenged to think deeply anytime I am bombarded with alien ideals. I excel in a space where people complement rather than complete with each other. I have discovered that there is no sweeter space for my soul that that which is free of discrimination and prejudice. My spirit continually craves for that space where one is encouraged to integrate rather than assimilate. My comfort is to have the chance to ask what I do not understand so that I can learn; at the same time, give back by teaching someone something from my rich background. 

I like an atmosphere where people do not pretend to be blind rather acknowledge that we are indeed different; yet that should induce interest and positive dialogue. Finally, I thrive where I am involved; where I feel free and fully part of the decision making team. I feel fulfilled where my skills and ideas are welcomed and utilized; where I am part of the puzzle rather than the passive third person. My paradise is that simple place where I am free to express my genius and creativity. This paradise is my territory and no matter how big a challenge is, as long as I am creatively free, I can guarantee total victory.


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Posted by on February 18, 2014 in Culture, Poetry & Spoken WOrd


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