*Simple Mind*

27 Mar


I’m a simple minded man. When it comes to issues of religion & spirituality, i try to keep it basic. In art class, I wuz taught that if you wanna understand an artist, all u gotta do is analyze his or her art. God is tha supreme artist. I have been learnin’ about Her by spendin’ time observin’ Her art. I rarely go to tha Temple, Mosque or Church. I prefer climbin’ trees, swimmin’ in lakes, watchin’ birds, admiring tha radiant sun. I seldom read the Vedic Script, Bible or tha Koran. I prefer lookin’ at tha patterns of flowers, leaves & grass; tha arrangement of tha heavenly stars. I don’t trust priests, preachers, yogis or Imams. I don’t trust man. I trust dirt & mad. She created much b4 She crafted us. We were last so we must be humble enough to learn from the dung beetle n tha ant. As you seat listenin’ 2 tha word, mi Imma be somewhere in tha wild listenin’ to bugs as they dance with blades of grass. God(ess) is Earth. Trust dirt. Be wary of man. Trust only Her.


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