*Tha Tube*

27 Mar

tumblr_myybt6RiTu1r0vo2ko1_500 (1)

this lying tube got our eyes glued
as if we’ve been charmed by voodoo.
it confuses u
cant even tell tha difference
btwn truth n bull.
too many souls actin lyk fools coz
them convinced its tha new cool.
2 many little queens overdressed in nothings
fanatically twerkin n swimmin in dirty nasty practice
thinkin its tha real life lovin.
young kings paintin tha streets with red ink
convinced tha bling n a piece is tha realist thing
that gives one supreme identity.
this screen got lil kids blivin its cool 2 hav flings,
jumpin 4rm tree 2 tree lyk a vervet monkeys.
got our byutiFULL queens thinkin
they too big 4 their own skin
n losin some meat will somehow lift
their malnourished self esteem.
got evry girl blivin that slim body barbie
long silk blonde hair blue eyes lighter than
a stick chick is tha ideal.
bleach creams n diet pills bcomin more popular
than them dixie chicks.
this tube got the youth an illusion of tha streets
being cool ba speakin ill, killin spleas,
blazin weed n livin on xtacy.
the enemy is within
tha real beast is in ur livin room.



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