15 Sep

this truth from tha east n west got mi a lil’ confused. written by men then bound in sacred books. these same books put us in chains, bound in ships across tha oceans as slaves, put us to shame coz we were heathen before they came n brought us the truth so we cud be saved. saved from tha supposed darkness in our souls. convinced that before they docked at the shores of our seas we knew nothin but lunacy & sin. They condemned the gods in who we believed, they mocked our spirituality, they questioned the validity of our humanity, the sanctity of the blood flowing thru our bronze skin. By some strange twisted logic they convinced us that their god was more real than ours, their truth more superior than that passed down by our sangomas; & as the dominoes roll, our hue was said 2b the weaker of colors. Maybe we got psychologically played, spiritually gamed. Maybe it was magic tricks inscribed in sacred scrips, propagated by wolves in sheep skin. Maybe it was just destiny. Maybe it is just economics. Maybe it is heresy to believe that spirituality is not mathematics where you can make up a formula to prove that one divinity (urs) is true & the other is just the unfounded imagination of heathen fools.


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