Linguistic Refugees

05 Jan

The reason why I’m vexed by these kenyans who speak in miraculously mystical

foreign accents, in addition to their incessant refusal to speak the local languages, is coz

of the value of language to a people. Language is the train that transports a culture

from one generation to another. I am convinced that neither French nor English

nor Arabic can adequately support the weight of African cultures.

I will be radical enough to say that to even entertain the notion that a twenty-six lettered

Latin-rooted alphabet can bear the weight of the grandeur of African culture is

to demean the greatness & creativity to the Most High. Trying to collapse the totality of Afrikan

culture into an alien language is synonymous to trynna fit the Nile river into

a water jug. Impossible. Please don’t get me wrong, I believe all languages are unique in their own

way, and borrowing a thing or two is well and good. My contention is the wholesale importation of an

alien language to the extent of permitting it to suffocate the indigenous one. You have to remember that

a language carries a culture; you realize once you start speaking english, then you start dressing english

and thinking english, and acting english. You become a ridiculous carbon copy of those whose language

you consume without restriction. they made us forfeit our gods n we became spiritual bastards. they made

us forfeit our indigenous regalia n we became fashion clowns. let us not voluntarily forfeit our tongues

for we will become pitiable cultural refugees. Let us not desecrate our unique linguistic altars. There is no

glory or inherent pride in mimicking hamburger & coca cola cultures. #soulvibez #rebeljivez


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