When Your Wi-fi is Competing With Your Wifey

20 Feb

How a smartphose can break your relationship

milabantu : the soul of a brown boy

wife & wifi

Truth be told, social media is the most formidable foe of friendship and intimacy.
It gives you an illusion of closeness and personal touch while actually putting a barricade to the very things it is designed to bridge. Social media’s firstborn bastard child is none other than the smart phone. You see its effects everywhere; in the bus, bar, salon, café and boardroom. Two minutes cannot even pass by before you slide your phone open to see what is up on WhatsUp, who has posted on your Facebook wall, which of your followers have retweeted your latest tweet, whose profile picture is trending on Instagram and what new archive is in your Dropbox. Sadly enough, you check all these things as your friend or partner is left talking to herself while staring at your inclined forehead with your eyes fully focused on the contents of your phone screen; better yet…

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