Why Men Are Never Comfortable In Church

20 Feb

Why he won’t go to church with you

milabantu : the soul of a brown boy


A man’s mind is not wired for the church. A sincere church going man is like a grass-eating lion; very rare to find but nowhere close to extinction. Allow me the honor of taking you on a tour of the makeup of a man which causes him enormous discomfort anytime he finds himself on a church seat.

The Spiritual Tourist

Most men are in church because of their women. Any man, at least the reasonable one, will do just about anything for the woman who has somehow managed to tame his wretched heart, which includes accompanying her to church. The church dictates total conformation of every soul within its walls. Let it be known that a man who attends church is not necessarily a convert.  Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian in the same way visiting an arboretum does not make you a tree. Most men in church…

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