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…through every song we sing,
through every thought we think,
through every thought we write,
through the manner in which we speak,
through everything we do,
from they style we make our hair,
to the clothes in which we wear,
from the way we smile and stare,
to the way we say our spiritual prayers…


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~Hand of a Star~


I went to the Sun to request for the
hand of one of her stars
the bright shy one
the one who had crossed the paths
of my clan lands about
five months back

“My son, will the shadows of your love
that are cast on the brightest parts of your
hearts still grow more after
dusk comes?” the Sun asked…..

This girl….this shy star
she had the beauty of an entire galaxy
I could feel the rays of her beautiful
eyes warming my chest as I sat down anxiously
on a silver-lined cirrus cloud unsure
whether I would impress her Mama & make
her proud.

Truth is that I was confused
with love sometimes comes hurt
I couldn’t contemplate turning a
bright star dark
receiving her hand only to break
the glimmering glare in her heart….

As if sensing my uneasiness
her soft breath of breeze slowly cooled my racing
heart beat….
I fell into a trance imagining
a day without the Sun
a clear night with no constellation of
“I’m I man enough to walk this unknown path?”

“My Son!”
My eyes opened
glancing drowsily at the Sun
then gradually turning my neck to her
magnificent first born Star.

your daughter is the brightest living thing my
eyes have ever seen
You are concerned whether her destiny
is to be tied to that of a mere man like me
Her rays have been glaring hot on my skin since
I came in yet the compassion of her cool
breath has kept me cool within….

I am no Son of a Moon or relative to any Star
I sprout from the meekest of clans
the one made of dung and mud
Not an iota of burning gas burns
in my blood
I am as meek as they come
Yet what I bring is but what no other man has
the burning love for your brightest Star
one that will keep her brighter that the
light of the entire earth…..

Oh Mama
Our shadows will swim eternally through the
ground and through the grass
for a million dawns and a billion dusks
with our souls illuminating the entire
The brightest Star producing the coolest
The darkest mud generating the hottest

Little shadows mixed of
mud & gas will swim on the
dusty ground and silver-lined
cumulus clouds
You’ll see them jumping around even
after Sun down….

Rainbows begun to form
raindrops snowflakes sun-rays
I felt the blood in my left palm
instantly turn warm
I knew her hand had been placed on



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Timeless wit in our midst

no universe can contain her spirit

Still She Rize

Unmatched zeal

sharpest thoughts curved in mahogany ink

Still She Rize

Warmest soul one can ever meet

more calming than sunflower seed

Still She Rize

More majestic that the Adriatic sea

lovely being

even bees proclaims she’s sweeter than honey

Still She Rize

I can hear the caged bird sing

I can feel the fire in her cool spirit

free at last to eternally sing

even after the congregation says rest in peace

Still She’ll Sing.



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* I’m Black Alright *

Jack Johnson

//it aint that we weren’t champions/
its coz they didn’t let us fight/
they claimed we were an inferior species/
coz we resembled the cool color of night…/
But once we got into that roped ring/
our fists overshadowed the best of victorian Knights/

jivin’ feet

hooks swingin’ quicker than tha speed of light./
we knocked them out quick & fast/

left them chantin’ dirges with the dust/

We’re black alright/

and that’s just fine.//


this piece is inspired by Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion of the world.


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I can smell her sweat
sweet forest scent
coolin’ tha trees &
water lillies

I can see her footsteps
in muddy wetland depths
plantin’ flowers & sedge
her paradise neatly well kept

The air is fresh
sight knockin’ out any trace of
Iparadisi is where God rests her



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Them schools
ain’t no longer teachin tha right kinda truth
lads flauntin their IQ
quotin paris perfumed facts regurgitated from
outdated fantasy toddler books
systems vomitin knowledge saturated souls
culturally dilute
spiritually confused
like bugs emerging from underground cocoons
worshipin deities that look nothing like they do
bleachin skin with all types of liquids
trynna escape their God-given hue….

Re-write them textbooks
Re-fuse them half truths
Re-volutionize them wololo schools
Re-duce graduatin any more fools.


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I ain’t sure wetha shi cute coz she beautiful

or coz her skin is light

I’m confused coz the standard of beauty has

always been white

mis-matched grace coz of this thing called race

damn tired of senseless conflicts emerging from fake castes

I wish the Most High wud just do a total re-make

with just one single change

create all of us the exact same

then finally we’d know some peace

in this god damned bigoted place.



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