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~Hand of a Star~


I went to the Sun to request for the
hand of one of her stars
the bright shy one
the one who had crossed the paths
of my clan lands about
five months back

“My son, will the shadows of your love
that are cast on the brightest parts of your
hearts still grow more after
dusk comes?” the Sun asked…..

This girl….this shy star
she had the beauty of an entire galaxy
I could feel the rays of her beautiful
eyes warming my chest as I sat down anxiously
on a silver-lined cirrus cloud unsure
whether I would impress her Mama & make
her proud.

Truth is that I was confused
with love sometimes comes hurt
I couldn’t contemplate turning a
bright star dark
receiving her hand only to break
the glimmering glare in her heart….

As if sensing my uneasiness
her soft breath of breeze slowly cooled my racing
heart beat….
I fell into a trance imagining
a day without the Sun
a clear night with no constellation of
“I’m I man enough to walk this unknown path?”

“My Son!”
My eyes opened
glancing drowsily at the Sun
then gradually turning my neck to her
magnificent first born Star.

your daughter is the brightest living thing my
eyes have ever seen
You are concerned whether her destiny
is to be tied to that of a mere man like me
Her rays have been glaring hot on my skin since
I came in yet the compassion of her cool
breath has kept me cool within….

I am no Son of a Moon or relative to any Star
I sprout from the meekest of clans
the one made of dung and mud
Not an iota of burning gas burns
in my blood
I am as meek as they come
Yet what I bring is but what no other man has
the burning love for your brightest Star
one that will keep her brighter that the
light of the entire earth…..

Oh Mama
Our shadows will swim eternally through the
ground and through the grass
for a million dawns and a billion dusks
with our souls illuminating the entire
The brightest Star producing the coolest
The darkest mud generating the hottest

Little shadows mixed of
mud & gas will swim on the
dusty ground and silver-lined
cumulus clouds
You’ll see them jumping around even
after Sun down….

Rainbows begun to form
raindrops snowflakes sun-rays
I felt the blood in my left palm
instantly turn warm
I knew her hand had been placed on



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I ain’t sure wetha shi cute coz she beautiful

or coz her skin is light

I’m confused coz the standard of beauty has

always been white

mis-matched grace coz of this thing called race

damn tired of senseless conflicts emerging from fake castes

I wish the Most High wud just do a total re-make

with just one single change

create all of us the exact same

then finally we’d know some peace

in this god damned bigoted place.



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Religion: New Age Spiritual Discrimination & Prejudice (doctrine)

Nah, I ain’t into religion coz it convinces its followers that they
are superior to those who don’t bliv like they do. It gives you the
illusion that you are among the chosen few uniquely selected by the Most High to grace the streets of heaven, whereas your unbelievin ‘heathen’ friends are condemned to roast in the firely furnaces of the devils kitchen.
I refuse to bliv that my god is more superior than the god of my brother.
I refuse 2 listen to any fella who trys to claim superiority of a certain group of beings who breath the same air as me.
I refuse to sit bak n listen 2 someone who trys to convince me that I am
superior to wild beasts coz I can reason whereas our 4-legged friends can’t think.
I rebel against the notion that there is something spiritually abnormal with
tha muslim, or christian, or buddhist or athiest or vodoo priest.
I will proclaim that naturalistic belief that we are all the Breath of the
Most High…all created by the potter’s spirit using the same earthly clay.
Man is but a lil’ spec in the huge circle of life; he is neither superior to
the desert meerkat nor more important than a blade of savannah sedge grass.
Wi all equal under the sun; whether you wear a bakka or suit, speak french or zulu, eyes brown or blue, walk on two’s, slither lyk a snake, crawl on fours, or stand still like a tree or rock.
Ain’t nothin under the clouds got any moral or divine authority over anything else on or above our earthly ground; absolutely none!!


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Luv Inna Smokin’ City Mall


I hear goonish guns gesticulatin
echoin imminent catastrophe
brainwashed crudes coughin’ bullets on oblivious souls
turnin shoppin mall to execution wall

There’s smoke bellowin from a city mall

I hear sorrowful sirens soundin
suggestin serious casualties
doctors wheelin away injured victims
turnin shoppin mall to hospital ward

There’s smoke bellowin from a city mall

I hear cries clangin continuously
consoling traumatised relatives
families & friends embracing loved ones
turnin shoppin mall to mourning shrine

There’s smoke bellowin from a city mall

I smell death droolin dreadfully
declarin dirges for departed souls
hearses gatherin lifeless motionless frames
turnin shoppin mall to grave yard

There’s smoke bellowin from a city mall

I see serenity sproutin spontaneously
proclaimin national unified devotedness
multitudes volunteerin donatin tirelessly prayin
tragic smokin city mall now turned astonishin unifying force

There’s bewildering bountiful love blossomin from a city mall.

uThanDiLe © 2013

This piece is inspired by the undying spirit of the kenyan people which was well reflected during the terrorist attack on the weekend of 21st Sep 2013. May the Most High comfort those who lost loved ones and may those lost souls find eternal peace. #weareone


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Dark Man’s Dilema

He capped a lil’ innocent kid n they let tha villain walk free. Jury n judges concurred tha killer wasn’t guilty…judicial malpractice.
Them cotton wigs seh his thuggish appearance warranted a ‘stand your ground’….prejudistic nonsense.
Tha value allotted to a blak life in tha land of fortune n promise falls below that of a suburb poodle…..constitutional madness.

Wat is tha obsidian soul to do…?

Shud he raise hot hell n rain blows on anythin standin in his way?
He lingers…
No! that wud giv babylon full permit to spray brown brathas with them copper nuggets, spice them with klan brutality n top it off with compulsory complementary holidays to them lucrative private penitentiaries…

Shud he saturate them streets with them ‘we shall overcome chants’?
He lingers…
No! coz wen millions join in them marches, The Man gonna ‘do them leaders in’ lyk they did our most honorable Dr. King. (May His Soul Rest in Paradise Peace).

Shud tha dark bratha arm himself pantha style n defend himsef from klax attacks ‘ba any means necessary’?
He lingers…
No!…that wud be self suicide coz then bandit investigative bureaus n them crooked inteligencia agencies wud program human drones to ‘clean’ obsidian knights lyk they did Huey n hon. El hajj Malik (may their souls Rest in Power )

Some say he shud turn the other cheek like Gandhi to ensure racial harmony.
He lingers….
No! the obsidian soul has turned that cheek for 500yrs n them racialists still be lynchin his lil’ kids as they walk down tha street.

No!! He needs a new strategy.
Tis about time obsidian souls close ranks n bond together as one. Tis time to cease looking outside for confort, acceptance or acknowledgement. Like bratha Malcolm said, tha blak n brown souls shud not strive to enter tha house of tha oppressor but rather build their own houz with their own styles, strategies & standards. Tis time tha obsdian clans tighten their fingers n palms into one strong firm punch.

No more lingering….time to UNITE



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Paints of Paradise

This is a set of poems that I wrote in attempt to shed some light about what I thing about colorism, racism and other kinds of prejudice based on appearance.

**Cocoa Curtain**

I always feel a cold chill slide down my spine
every time I step outside my apartment door
or walk through the office corridor.

I’m well dressed
shirt perfectly pressed, matching tie, shinning leather shoes
mirrors screaming just how good I look.

my eyes collide with those of my neighbors and office colleagues
their stares piercing mercilessly through my self esteem
like a desert scorpion’s sting…
I begin to feel that cold sweat that cascades through a soldier’s armpit
when the commanding general ruthlessly scrutinizes his outfit.

unsure of what I have missed
maybe a crease on my sleeve or food crumbs swinging on the edges of my lips…
having done everything imaginable to fit in
something in their strange stare still makes me feel so incomplete.

I have attempted everything
worn Gucci suits, dropped the foreign accent
mastered my speech, English almost perfect
even chopped down the dreadlocks & Afro to a mere inch.

those chronic stares linger
taunting my every dream as if questioning even the validity of my sleep.
realizing the ‘error’ they see cannot be changed
the cocoa curtain covering my being cannot be stripped
the dark veil shielding my blood cannot be removed at will
the blackness of my melanin no soap can fully bleach.

to break free from this soul-chocking suffocation
python-like constriction of the complexion of my skin.

not for a change of this chocolate shade
for it is a unique ingredient in the recipe of our identity
but for a transformation of perception in the eyes and minds
of those who quickly quantify the value of a house by the
paint on its walls rather than the content of its indoors.

echoing the old Egyptian saying
of how little can be known about the Giza pyramid
by simply staring at it from the



Either you black or you white,
you dark or you light.
Either you wrong or you right,
you day or you night,
you ebony or you ivory.
Nothing in between,
just a delusional dialectic of human beings,
totally obsessed by pigmentation and color of skin.

That a name be associated with a shade,
leading to a job denied.
That a music be correlated to a race,
leading to a contract revoked.
That a hairstyle be linked to a lifestyle,
only for a marriage bond to turn to a
divorce clause.
That a government refuse to implement a law,
because a man’s complexion happens to
be wrong.

When are we going to realize,
that complexion is only skin deep?
That the most important thing in life,
is not the shade of a man’s skin,
but the precious Spirit he holds
deep within?

So be you black, white or otherwise,
of straight, curly or locked hair,
this you should know,
the shades of us are the shades to you,
for beauty is given to all,
equally and full,
through the unquantifiable,
human Spirit in me and in you.



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Pawns of Politricks


.tired of seeing these goons on we tv screens
claimin’ 2b tha national cohesive glue that brings unity
ba we know dem tribal kings driven by insatiable power greed
dem seh dem a preach peace ba can’t cheat we
dem a bloody wolf under sheep skin
best bliv these politrikal pimps ain’t huslin’ to improve tha conditions we livin’ in
dem been sleepin’ n swingin’ pon dem politrikal seats since we got free 4rm tha Brits in 63′
wat change have we seen this creed bring??!!
Now we are 5 decades down our history…year of Jubilee
yet all we got is dem pimps kids playin tha same dirty triks on tha poor mwananchi
tha mwenyenchi ain’t got cash no enough to buy a plate of ugali or bowl of maji
n ur ready to bleed in tha street 4 a fella who doesnt care where u live or wat ur name is…
Ain’t nothin changed coz tha game is still tha same, corruption still reigns, n our MINDS are STILL in ethnic CHAINS!!!
Tis about time we read thru tha bullsh*t of these lip-syncin lunatics.
We REFUSE to bleed so that they can lead.


**ugali is a staple food in kenya
**maji means water
**mwananchi/mwenyenchi means citizen


This poem is a flow of ma thots n ideas on the just concluded presidential election in our beautiful land of kenya.


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